About Us

AMMS (Australian Military Modelling Society) is a society of modellers with a common interest in military subjects. As the name implies, we are Australian, and there are AMMS groups in the major capital cities of Sydney and Brisbane.

AMMS is informal in nature with minimal organisational “overhead”.

AMMS Brisbane specialises in military vehicles and modern-era figures, whereas AMMS Sydney covers the whole gamut of military modelling from all ages and all subjects.

From the AMMS Archive

Not too many people are aware of AMMS’ long and proud heritage …

AMMS First Meeting
Yes, even then there was always someone to lend a hand or some timely advice, a tradition which continues to this day. Although there was a lot more Allied stuff being built in the “real” world, German was popular then too.



AMMS Early Judging
Judging underway in one of our first club competitions. Unfortunately, judging disputes tended to get a mite out of hand, which led to the development of our objective, open judging system. Under our judging systems, models are evaluated against a set of consistent criteria, and models are awarded gold, silver or bronze based on their scores against a fixed scale, not against other models. And we’ve since upgraded the judging uniforms.



Recent Membership Drive
AMMS recently decided to break new ground by promoting our activities in less “traditional” areas. This included a vigorous membership drive.



First meeting for our new members, with guidance from several AMMS old hands manning the perimeter. Major interests appear to be former Eastern Bloc equipment, with dios depicting mostly dug-in vehicles. Oh well, at least it’s not zimmerit.


Publicity Pays #1
AMMS foundation member James Blackwell’s Albury NSW hobby shop was featured as part of our recent publicity drive. Here’s a pic he proudly displays in his shop.



Here’s a pic he DOESN’T display in his shop.





Raffle Prizes
To help cover the costs of hiring our meeting premises, we hold a “guessing competition” each meeting. Here’s one of our members checking out a job lot he acquired dirt cheap for monthly prizes.






As you might have gathered from this brief trip down AMMS’ memory lane, we don’t take ourselves (or anyone else) too seriously at all. AMMS is a collection of people united around a common love of scale military modelling, and a desire to improve our skills through sharing knowledge and experience. And the occasional piss-take. No, really.