AMMS Sydney Soviet KV Theme Build 2006 Final

We Made It! (Ahem, well, most of us did!)

As agreed, the June 2006 meeting was the deadline for finishing models for the our KV Theme Build 2006. While there remain a few stragglers (and yes, we know who we are) most of the intrepid band which set forth actually got to the end and turned in a finished model.

While it was noticeable that some amongst us could not quite shake off the temptation to “etch it up” a little, especially over the engine louvres, a major point which came out of this exercise was that it is indeed possible to add some after market goodies AND finish a model within six months! Continue reading

AMMS Sydney Build-a-Bitch Comp 2003

An Exercise in Persistence

The object of the competition was to build something strictly out-of-the box.

Naturally, with a title like this, there were a few catches, er, conditions:

  • All participants to donate one kit each.
  • Each donated kit to be both cheap, and nasty. Good or remotely decent kits not permitted.
  • Donated kits to be wrapped securely.
  • Each participant to draw one kit from a box, blind.
  • Each completed kit to be judged according to AMMS’ normal OOB judging criteria.
  • Anyone not completing, or caught trying to enhance, correct or otherwise succumbing to AMS (you know who you are) to be subject to perpetual humiliation (again, you know you you are!!). Continue reading