Centurion Mark 5/1 ARN 169108 (Vietnam Modifications)

Location: Private Collection, Australia, , , Australia

Contributed by: Shane Lovell

Date: January 1996

This series of images was taken at a private collection.

Centurion 169108 is one of perhaps only two vehicles surviving with South Vietnam modifications in place, the other being ARN 169017.

According to Shane Lovell’s “Military Briefs 3: Australian Centurions in Vietnam”, this vehicle served in Vietnam, being held in the Forward Delivery Troop from May to July 1970 after which it served with 1 Armoured Regiment, A Squadron from August 1970 to November 1970, and with C Squadron from December 1970 to June 1971. Service with C Squadron was interrupted by two “stints” back with the Workshop in January and May 1971. It was received by the RAAC in the second batch of 51 Mark 5 tanks delivered in 1955/56.

We understand that Shane’s valuable reference has been reprinted, and a series of Vietnam Centurion decals (two sets) has been released, by the publishers Mouse House Enterprises.

Some interesting features to note:

  • Reinforced trackguards, including supporting brackets.
  • Details of IR searchlight mount.
  • Mounting points for turret sun canopies.
  • Mud scrapers on forward trackguards.
  • Spare road wheel mounts on up-armoured glacis.