“Kingdom of Heaven” – Templar Knight on Horseback

90mm Figure Kit construction by Dave Hay of Firestorm Models.

This model is the 90mm Templar Knight by Andrea (S8-F40).

Dave brought this example along to our February 2006 meeting.


In 1118, under the rule of King Baldwin II, a group of knights decided to take vows of chastity, poverty and obedience to the Patriarch of Jerusalem. Initially, this new order was called “The Poor Fellow Soldiers of Jesus Christ”.

The King gave them barracks on the south side of the Temple of Solomon. The move prompted them to change their name to “The Knights of the Temple of Solomon”, followed by “The Knights of the Temple”, and finally, simply “The Templars”, the name by which they are commonly known.

The Templars were assigned the duty of protecting christian pilgrims en route to the Holy Lands. Having taken vows of poverty, they relied on the alms of pilgrims for financial support.

Painting & Finishing

The horse was painted in oils and the Knight in Humbrol enamels. Metal parts are painted using Gunze Sangyo Mr Metal Colour.