Melbourne Tank Museum Auction – AFV Listing

This listing of armoured vehicles has been compiled from the Auction Catalogue and the separately published Sale Results Summary. The descriptions and comments shown are from these sources exclusively. So don’t blame us for where they are a little bit threadbare!!!!

Prices shown are BEFORE addition of premiums and GST (Australian Goods & Services Tax of 10%).

Image Lot Description Price ($AUD) Comment
  39 Centurion Tank Mk.2 Armoured Recovery Vehicle 19,775 Numbered 169111. Bearing the markings of C Squadron, 1st Armoured Regiment, South Vietnam circa 1968. With log book. This vehicle was used in Vietnam.
  41 Centurion Mk.V/1 Main Battle Tank 38,420 Front numbered ‘169090’. The vendor advises that this tank was used in Vietnam circa 1968.
  42 Churchill Mk.Vll A42 Infantry Tank 38,420 Front numbered ‘T1 79165/H’.
  43 General Chaffee M24 Light Tank 39,550 Front numbered ‘330690’. This tank has no engine. The markings on this tank indicate that it was used for trials in New Guinea circa 1944. The Chaffee M24 was arguably the best light tank used in WW2.
  44 Buffalo Mk.4 (LVT4) Tracked Landing Vehicle 36,160 Front numbered ‘149467’.
  45 Matilda No.2 Mk.1’Frog’ Flamethrower Infantry Tank 22,600 Bearing the markings of the 2/1st Australian Armoured Bde. Recon. Squadron circa 1945. This tank has no engine.
  46 General Grant M3A5 Medium Tank 24,860 Front numbered ‘23972’. Bearing the markings of the 4/19th Prince of Wales’ Light Horse Regiment, RAAC when part of 2nd Armoured Brigade circa 1949. This tank has no engine.
  49 M3A1 Stuart Light Tank 45,200 621 Stuart M3A1 s were produced.
   51 M2 Half Track 27,120 Numbered ‘USA-W-401234’.
  52 General Stuart M3Al Light Tank Classroom Instructional Mounting (CIM) 7,910
  54 Saracen FV603 Armoured Personnel Carrier 7,910 This vehicle has no engine or armament.
  55 White M3A1 Armoured Personnel Carrier 23,730 Bears the markings of B Squadron 4/19th Prince of Wales Light Horse Regiment circa early 1960s.
  56 Staghound T17E1 Heavy Armoured Car 61,020 Numbered ‘6023372’. Bearing the markings of B Squadron, 4/19th Prince of Wales Light Horse Regiment circa mid 1960s. This AC has no engine.
  57 Saladin Mk.2 FV601(C) Armoured Car NA Numbered 115406. Bearing the markings of A Squadron 1st Cavalry during Operation Barra Winga 1966
  64 LVT(A)4 Alligator Amphibious Landing Vehicle 22,600
   69 Dingo Scout Car (image background) 14,690 Bearing the markings of a 1st Australian Armoured Division Reconnaissance Unit, circa 1942. Numbered ‘77162’
  70 Australian made Bren Gun Carrier (image foreground) 21,470 numbered ‘912’ bearing the markings of 1st Infantry Division unit circa 1942.
  78 Ferret FV701 E Mk.2 Reconnaissance Scout Car 45,200 Numbered ‘115212’. Bearing the markings of B Squadron, 4/19th Prince of Wales Light Horse Regiment circa late 1960s.
  81 Ford Lynx 1 Mk.3 Scout Car 30,510 Numbered ‘23878’.
  82 Centurion Tank 20-Pounder Gun Classroom Instruction Mounting (CIM) 1,695 Showing the interior of a Centurion tank turret with an electro-hydraulic system simulating the firing of the gun with a drill round including a realistic recoil action. This type of CIM were used for training purposes at the School of Armor Puckapunyal.
  114 Centurion Tank driving and servicing Classroom Instructional Mounting (CIM). Including the engine transmission and driver’s compartment of a Centurion tank. 5,650 This type of CIM were used for training purposes at the School of Armor, Puckapunyal circa mid 1950s to late ’70s.
125 Daimler-Benz MB838 engine for a Leopard 1A5 Tank 735 Incomplete, and a spare crankshaft.
  129 Australian AC-1 ‘Sentinel’ Cruiser Tank 62,150 Early 1940s, and an original 2-pounder gun not fitted. In the early stages of WW2 the Australian army were in desperate need of modern tanks. As supply from overseas was not expected in the short term, development began on an Australian made cruiser tank. The Sentinel was ahead of its time, being the first tank with its hull, turret and other major components to be made from one piece castings.
  130 A very rare Australian AC-3 “Thunderbolt” Cruiser Tank 25,425 Early 1940s. This tank has one Cadillac engine rather three as originally specified. The AC-3 was developed as a replacement to the AC-1, as its 2-pounder gun was proving inadequate.
135 Matilda Tank Turret NA With signs of projectile damaged previously used for range target practice.
140 75mm AP Grant Tank gun barrel and shell. 1,130
  173 2-Pounder Tank Attack Bren Carrier 7,345 Unrestored, no engine or tracks..
  212 Vickers Mk2. (Special) Medium Tank Classroom Instructional Mounting (CIM) 4,068 Used for training purposes.
  213 Australian Experimental Light Tank circa WW2 (left of image) 6,215 Unrestored a/f.
232 Rolls Royce Meteor engine for a Centurion Tank fully reconditioned. 6,780
233 Topaz OT62B Full Tracked Armoured Personnel Carrier 12,430 Circa 1960s. This vehicle was an improved version of the Soviet BTR-50 APC with a more powerful engine. The vendor advises that this APC is a very good runner when last tested in March 2006.
  242 Bedford Twin Six Twelve-cylinder Petrol Engine for a Churchill Tank 5,424
  258 Valentine Cruiser Tank 29,380 8,275 Valentine tanks were built.
  259 M113A1 Armoured Personnel Carrier 19,210 Numbered ‘134199’. This APC was mine damaged during the Vietnam War causing several casualties.
  260 Grant M3A5 Medium Tank 24,295 WW2. There is no engine in this tank.
  261 Matilda No.2 Mk.1 ‘Frog’ Flamethrower Infantry Tank 28,250 There is no engine in this tank.
  263 Buffalo Mk.4. (LVT4) Tracked Landing Vehicle NA Unrestored. There is no engine in this vehicle
  265 Part of the Australian Experimental AC-1 Cruiser Tank E2 comprising the bottom half of the tank NA Tracks not included. The vendor advises that the hull of this tank was used as a test bed for the Mk.IV with a 17-pounder gun.