Melbourne Tank Museum Auction – Ammunition Listing

This listing of ammunition has been compiled from the Auction Catalogue and the separately published Sale Results Summary. The descriptions and comments shown are from these sources exclusively. So don’t blame us for where they are a little bit threadbare!!!!

Prices shown are BEFORE addition of premiums and GST (Australian Goods & Services Tax of 10%).

Image Lot Description Price
143 17-Pounder Shell 509
146 Thirteen Dummy 105 HEAT projectile rounds for a Leopard Tank. 509
153 25-Pounder HE projectile 339
158 6-Pounder projectile and shell case. 113
181 20-Pound HE projectile container 249
182 20-Pound HE projectile 565
183 8-inch Naval Semi AP practice projectile 848
184 30mm practice cartridge Defa container 113
185 120mm L2 BAT HESH projectile 509
186 Unusual German 88mm Anti-tank Projectile 452
187 8-inch Naval HE projectile 1,017
188 5.5-inch HE projectile 339
189 20-Pounder smoke projectile and shell case 339
190 20-Pound HE projectile and shell case 565
191 17-Pound AP projectile and shell case 339
192 3.7-inch Wooden Drill Round 226
193 3.7-inch High Explosive Projectile. (HEP) 678
194 155mm HE projectile 339
195 Japanese Naval 300mm shell case 2,486
197 20-Pound AP 3-inch aircraft rocket deactivated. 1,130
199 PIAT grenade 254 Refer Lot 198 – PIAT Launcher
200 Collection of thirty three projectiles practice rounds and similar. (a lot) 3,616
201 Collection of seventeen projectiles (a lot) 4,803 Including a 3.7-inch wood and brass drill round; an 18-pound HE round; and a 20-pound APPS projectile for a Centurion tank.
202 Collection of twenty three projectiles (a lot) 8,475 Including a 3.7-inch Anti-aircraft gun HE projectile;a 75mm M72 AP round used in Grant and Sherman tanks ; and a 4.2-inch mortar smoke bomb.
226 105mm TC800 tank round display (a lot) 452 Showing a projectile with outer casing to show eight hundred cylindrical metal pellets; a complete TC800 and a descriptive card display in common glass and wood display case.