Melbourne Tank Museum Auction – Non-Armoured Vehicles (Soft Skins)

This listing of non-armoured vehicles has been compiled from the Auction Catalogue and the separately published Sale Results Summary. The descriptions and comments shown are from these sources exclusively. So don’t blame us for where they are a little bit threadbare!!!!

Prices shown are BEFORE addition of premiums and GST (Australian Goods & Services Tax of 10%).

Image Lot Description Sub
  40 4-ton Diamond T Wrecker Model 969A truck 30,510 Numbered ‘157694’. Bearing the markings of the Light Aid Detachment of 4/19th Prince of Wales Light Horse Regiment circa early 1960s.
  60 1/4 Ton 4×4 Ford GPA Amphibious Jeep (image background left) 13,560 Unrestored circa early 1940s. This vehicle has no engine.
  61 Lightweight folding Welbike Motorcycle (image foreground) 5,933 WW2. This type of motorcycle was folded into a specially designed metal tube and dropped from airplanes for use by Allied paratroopers during conflicts such as Operation Market Garden
  76 Prototype U.S. Army Canadair CL-91 XM571 Dynatrac Utility Carrier 7,345 Circa mid 1960s. The XM571 was designed in the early 1960s for use amphibiously or on snow as a mobile load carrier.The design included an open cargo trailer (not included) which was coupled to the rear of the carrier. A total of 63 Dynatracs were produced.
131 2 1/2-ton International Harvester No.1 Mk.3 Cargo Truck 5,650 Bearing the markings of 1 Division Supply and Transport Workshops, RAEME, Vung Tau, Vietnam circa late 1960s.
132 2 1/2-ton Studebaker 6×6 US-6 truck 5,650 Bearing the markings of the 3rd Lines of Communication Signal Squadron attached to 1st Australian Logistic Support Group, circa 1960s.
133 Austin 1/4 Ton WN ‘Champ’ FV1801 Truck 5,085
  134 Mobile Anti-aircraft Radar Unit No.3 Mk.7/2. 2,543 Univeral trailer with radar dish fitted to the roof, the fitted interior for two operators with radar operating equipment serial no. ‘3280’ circa 1950s.
206 Guy Quad Ant 4×4 Field Artillery Tractor 4,520 This vehicle was specifically used to tow field artillery.
207 Dodge 3/4-ton 4×4 Weapons Carrier 3,390 Unrestored.
211 Fordson Tractor 1,130 Unrestored.
214 WW2 11- ton 6×4 M20 Diamond T Model 980 truck 5,650 Unrestored. There is no engine in this truck.
215 WW2 Wiles Four Wheel Mobile Steam Kitchen 3,955 Fully enclosed trailer unit equipped with a a solid fuel steam cooker and metal benches for the preparation of hot food. The Wiles Mobile Kitchen proved to be popular with the allied forces for producing hot food in the field. It was fuel efficient and the use of steam cooking was quick and retained essential nutrients in the food.
  218 Australian 3 Ton 4×4 Ford F30 No.2 Ambulance 2,260 Bearing the markings of Australian Medical Corps School, circa 1944, unrestored.
219 15cwt 4×2 Bedford MWD General Service Truck 12,430 Unrestored.
220 KB3 International truck, unrestored.
223 Australian 3-Ton Ford 296T Breakdown Truck No.3A fitted with Marmon-Herrington 6×6 all wheel drive. 2,034 Unrestored.
225 Humber 1-Ton 4×4 Truck circa 1958, with Rolls Royce engine unrestored. 225 3,673 NOTE: We assume that the truck and unrestored engine were auctioned separately, hence the breakdown into sub-lots.
225A 11,300 The Catalogue described the truck and engine as one lot, but the Sale Results Summary gives two separate prices.
228 15cwt Morris Commercial Truck 6,215 Unrestored.
229 Burma Dodge Truck 2,260 Unrestored.
  230 7-ton Cletrac MG1 M2 High Speed Tractor 2,543 Missing one track. Unrestored.
  237 Standard 5 cwt 4×2 12-HP General Service Van (image background) 452 This vehicle bears the markings of Headquarters Australian Imperial Force, Middle East, circa 1941. NOTE: Before you start emailing, we’ve checked this price back to the Sales Results Summary, and we don’t believe it either!!
  238 WW2 1/4 ton 4×4 Willys Ford MB Jeep (image foreground) 13,560 This example is a static display.
240 Willys Ford MB 1/4 ton 4×4 Jeep Classroom Instructional Mounting (CIM). 4,068 Showing a jeep minus its body used in the classroom for teaching maintenance.
  243 BSA M20 500cc Solo Military Motorcycle 20,340 With army green paintwork and canvas panniers to rear, Petrol tank with white lettering ‘A-225’. The BSA M20 was the standard motorcycle used by the British Army during WW2. They were also used widely by the Australian Army.
244 3-Ton Chevrolet C60X No.4 6×6 Breakdown Truck 7,345 Unrestored. The Australian Army adapted this type of truck by marrying the Canadian-made chassis with a locally made body for use as a breakdown truck.
245 6-Ton 6×6 M1A1 Heavy Wrecker Truck 21,470 Wrecking Gear: Gar Wood with 4,536kg lifting capacity / 7,258kg towing capacity. Circa 1945.
  247 International Mk.5 Wrecker Truck 13,560 Circa 1970. Fitted with a twin boom to the rear.
  249 3-Ton Ford F60S 4×4 Breakdown Truck 10,170 Gar Wood twin boom with lifting capacity of approx 5 tonnes. Numbered ‘53489’. Bearing the markings of Land Headquarters, School of Mechanisation, Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, circa 1944.
  250 10-Ton 6×6 M123D Mack Tank Transporter 20,340 Dual rear winch with 20,400kg capacity. Numbered ‘5A 7023’ bearing the markings of 26 Transport Company, RAASC, South Vietnam, circa 1968.
  251 R.A.E.M.E.International Mk.5 Workshop Truck 8,193 Circa 1970 with WW2 workshop body fitter.
  253 Federal 20-ton 6×4 Semi-trailer Tank Transporter 15,820 Bearing the markings of the 2/34th Australian Tank Transporter Platoon, Australian Army Service Corps, attached to 4th Aust. Armoured Brigade circa July 1945. A total of 1443 Federal Model 604s were built between 1942 and 1944.
255 Thorneycroft Nubian Fire Truck 5,085 Unrestored.
  262 DUKW Amphibious Jeep NA Circa 1942 unrestored.