Melbourne Tank Museum Auction – Other Lots

This listing of miscellaneous lots has been compiled from the Auction Catalogue and the separately published Sale Results Summary. The descriptions and comments shown are from these sources exclusively. So don’t blame us for where they are a little bit threadbare!!!!

Prices shown are BEFORE addition of premiums and GST (Australian Goods & Services Tax of 10%).

Image Lot Description Sub
1 A World War 2 Service Dress Uniform as worn by a Staff Sergeant mounted on a display mannequin. NA
2 A World War 2 gas mask with canvas carrier. 113
3 A combat ration pack including unopened tins of sausages and vegetables and margarine packets of cereal biscuits and chocolate and other provisions in a canvas carrier; and a Hexamine stove and heating tablets. 68
4 A No.19 Mk.lll wireless set in original wooden crate with three cases of spare parts including valves circa World War 2. 1,582
5 Two U.S. Army Signal Corps. Radio receiver and transmitters type ‘BC-611-F’; and a ‘Wireless remote control unit A’. (3) 339
6 Four R.A.E.M.E. display signs a pennant; a ‘R.A.E.M.E. Vietnam’ Zippo lighter; and related ephemera. (a lot) NA
7 A collection of military ephemera including a printed reproduction of a painting of a scene from the Vietnam War; a reproduction of the Instrument of Surrender signed by the Japanese to end World War 2 Pacific; and seven others. (9) NA
8 A Battledress uniform as worn by an Artificer Warrant Officer Class 1 post World War 2 mounted on a display mannequin. NA
9 A large glass and metal display case 294
10 Eighteen plastic kit models of World War 2 tanks and other military vehicles all assembled; and fifteen model soldiers. (33) 271
11 A brass and copper bugle stamped ‘Trademark Boosey Bessons & Co.London WC2 H75983’. 316
12 Four plastic kit display models of various tanks including two Russian BMP-1 an BMP-2 tanks; a Sherman M4; and a Centurion Mk.3 three on wooden mounts all with descriptive display cards. 181
13 Three plastic kit model tank displays including one showing a ‘knocked out Palestinian T55 in Beirut; a World War 2 German Tiger tank; and another showing Russian KV-1 and T-34 tanks all on wooden display mounts with descriptive display cards. (3) 181
14 Nine plastic kit models of military vehicles including a Stag Mk.3 tank destroyer; a German Half Track; a U.N. Land Rover; and an Israeli HVMSW tank. (9) 90
15 Two glass and wood display cases 294
16 Approximately forty posters and photograph displays all military related including photographs of tanks medal charts and similar. (a lot) 016 362
016A 181 NOTE: We assume that items in this lot were auctioned separately, hence the breakdown into sublots.
016B 136 The Catalogue described one lot, but the Sale Results Summary gives a prices for three lots.
17 Four plastic kit display models of World War 2 tanks 226 Including a German Hunting Tiger; an experimental Sherman/rocket launcher; a Brumbar infantry support weapon; and a Tiger 1. (4)
18 Four plastic kit model tanks 181 Including a South Vietnamese army tank; a fictional recovery vehicle’ and an M41 Walker Bulldog all with descriptive display cards. (4)
19 Five plastic kit models of Armoured military vehicles 136 All 1:35 scale including a British Saladin Armoured car; a fire support vehicle ; an M113 MRV; and two LAV-25s all with descriptive display cards. (5)
20 Two plastic kit models of anti-aircraft tanks 68 Including a prototype German Panther; and a British Simijar both mounted on wooden displays with descriptive display cards. (2)
21 Two portrait photographs of World War 1 Australian soldiers 271 Including one inscribed ’19/4 & 10/13 Light Horse & Regimental Staff Seymour 27 July 1916′; two framed printed reproductions of painted scenes from World War 2; and a replica Victoria Cross frame.
22 A collection of ephemera relating to World War 1 215 including a ‘Programme of Sports 14th Infantry Brigade A.I.F.’ dated January 1918; a Christmas card from ’12th Australian Field Ambulance to Sgt. L. Baldwin’ 1918; and other ephemera.
23 A collection of World War 2 ephemera 113 Including two soldier’s pay books; a certificate of release from war service; canteen coupons; a petrol coupon; a clothing ration card and other ephemera. (a lot)
24 A glass and wood display case 339
25 Two .303 rifle boxes 249
26 Three plastic kit model military airplanes mounted on display stands. (3) 249
27 Two plastic kit model tank displays 226 Both Russian T72 tanks mounted on wooden bases with landscaped military scenes and descriptive display cards. (2)
28 Two plastic kit model tank displays 294 one showing a U.S. Army M113 ACAV and MS77 in Vietnam; the other a ‘M107 Self Propelled gun in the Israeli Defence Force’ both with landscaped military scenes and descriptive display cards. (2)
29 A glass and metal display case 424
30 A plastic kit model display 136 U.S. Army bridge layer tank based on an M48 Patton tank hull; and three other plastic kit models including a U.S. Humvee. (4)
31 A World War 2 model display 316 Plastic kit models of a British BDR gun tractor and a captured Italian tank n the Western Desert; and a display showing a R.A.A.F. Mosquito being refueled both mounted on landscaped wooden displays with descriptive display cards.
32 A glass and metal display case 452
33 Plastic kit model display 113 ‘Yanks on Exercise’ showing a Ford Mutt and M1Al Abrams and an M2 Bradley mounted on a landscaped wooden display with descriptive display card.
34 Two plastic kit model tanks 79 Including an M109 155mm Self Propelled Gun; an M48A5; and another model display. (3)
35 Plastic kit model display 203 Showing a GMC 6×6 towing a 105mm M2A1 artillery gun and a 105mm SPG Priest mounted on a wooden display depicting a scenario from the Korean War.
36 Six plastic kit models of military airplanes all assembled; and a model of a gunship. (7) 136
37 A glass and metal display case 509
38 A collection of Fix newspapers early 1940s and other war related publications. (a lot) 158
53 A display board showing illustrations of various tanks. 57
58 A collection of ammunition crates. NA
59 Display of Saladin APC posters mounted on board. 45
63 Metal Frame 23 Possibly use as a rocket launcher.
65 A model display recreation of the fall of Bardia January 1941 249 Three dimensional sculpted composition model showing a birds eye view of the battle including models of Allied and Italian forces enclosed in a perspex case.
67 An information display board for a 2-pounder anti-tank gun 452
75 A large Flag of Australia 565
77 A jungle hand cart loaded with four 4.2-inch projectile boxes. (5) 678
79 Forty three plastic kit built military model airplanes the majority World War 1 and 2 airplanes. 316
80 Large display cabinet table top design wooden frame with glass sides and top and two sliding side doors. 226
83 Vickers machine gun section kit 226
84 Vickers machine gun spare part kit 170
85 Portable signaling lantern 158 Battery-operated self-contained unit with maker’s details inside lid ‘Dorman & Sons Ltd serial no.4338 Year 1943’.
86 A 3-inch/4-inch mortar sight 136 Brass and green painted metal stamped ‘Part no.MAA 3612’.
87 25-Pounder Dial 107 Sight in leather case. 424
88 Sight Dial No.2 57 Stamped ‘Filotecnica Salmoiraghi Milano. Made in Italy’.
89 Collection of artillery sights and inclinometers (a lot) 452
90 Infantry section kit 181
91 Artillery Telescopic Sighting No.141 Mk.1 237
92 Sight Periscope AFV No.49 Mk.1 141
93 Mortar Sight Lensatic Mark 1 stamped ‘J.W.H.’ NA In case.
94 Artillery Telescopic Sighting No.72 Mk.2 circa 1936 198 In metal in original metal tube.
95 Mortar Sight Lensatic Mark 1 stamped ‘J.W.H.’. 424
96 3-inch Mortar Mk.2 Sight with case. 283
97 Periscope Tank Sight No.15 Mk.1 ‘Serial no. ‘832/63’. 452
98 3 1/2x Binocular Gun sight 113 No. 120188 made by ‘Ross, London’.
99 Two Telescopic Bearings one ‘No.8 Mk3; the other ‘No.10 Mk.1’; and four others. (6) 226
100 An Aldis Gun sighting Telescope Illuminator ‘Pattern G 344’ 57 In wooden box
101 A boxed gun sight 57
102 Military use bubble sextant 113
103 A collection of Australian militaria 170 Including pamphlets on ‘Booby Traps’ and ‘Night Vision’ tips a pay book and others. (a lot)
104 An M18A1 Anti-personnel Mine decommissioned; and a map-reading magnifier on four foldable legs. 339
105 A collection of Japanese World War 2 ephemera 170 Including four black and white photographs of high-ranking Japanese officers taken shortly after surrendering at the end of WW2; a copy of a Japanese Instrument of Surrender and others. (a lot)
106 Two iron tree climbing rings with serrated inner edges for gripping the trunk; and two small hand held crampon- like devices also for climbing trees. (4) 198 These devices were probably used by Japanese soldiers during WW2.
107 Two Japanese 37mm gun projectiles (2) 367
108 Two Japanese rice bowls blue and white painted tin; and a metal water canteen with canvas strap top missing. (3) 136 These items were probably used by Japanese soldiers
109 Two glass fronted display cases. (2) 85
110 Fourteen plastic kit models of military vehicles 170
111 Fourteen plastic kit models of German World War 2 tanks and other military vehicles 339 All assembled. (10)
112 Metal and glass display case 316
113 Two metal 7.62mm rifle boxes. (2) 85
115 A large wood and glass display case with internal electric light. 68
117 A display board NA
118 A gun sight for a 7.62mm or 12.7cm barrel weapon Leitz Wetlar boxed; a telescopic sight for an anti-tank gun; and two others. (4) 848
119 A military TSE. (W) B-2 wireless station AS10 radio set in army green wooden crate. 452
120 A mapping projector 68 Made by ‘Williamson Manufacturing Co. Ltd.’ in wooden box with stenciled lettering ‘Unit Multiplex’, circa World War 2.
121 An army signal lamp made by ‘Amalgamated Wireless’ army green wooden box 158 Circa World War 2.
122 A Pocket Periscope extendable metal frame with a mirror used at either end with maker’s label ‘J.W. Handley Pty. Ltd Mk1 Aust’ 339 Circa World War 1. This device was used in the trenches by soldiers for observing the enemy without being exposed to enemy fire.
123 A rocket line throwing apparatus Mk.1 Australian 1,187 Including a 25gr. rocket cartridge firing pistol and a quantity of flaked line.
124 A large glass and metal display case 367
126 A portable five hundred litre fuel tank black rubberized cylindrical bladder made by ‘Uniroyal Providence R.I. U.S.A. 226 This type of fuel tank was dropped by helicopter into clearings on the ground to be used by tanks and other military vehicles for refueling in wartime
127 A Mark IV Anti-shipping Mine black painted metal sphere 1,356 With protruding horns deactivated circa World War 2.
128 Fuel funnel for a Centurion Tank 367
141 Vacant NA
145 Portable Searchlight on tracks WW2. 5,650
148 Borescope Mk.2 boxed. 68
152 No.27 Mk.1 Artillery Trailer a ’25 PR. Mk1 Calculator Set’; and an ‘Angle of Departure Chart’. 7,910
155 Artillery Field Telephone Set with speakers in case. 339
160 Fortress Searchlight 6,780 Circular metal and glass searchlight mounted to metal base, WW2.
166 Loading device for a machine gun belt 283
167 A smoke grenade discharger board NA Green painted metal frame holding six barrels mounted in pairs allowing grenades to be discharged.
170 Heavy Artillery loading tray 283
171 Heavy Artillery loading tray 226
172 Heavy Artillery loading tray 85
180 Cutaway detail of a naval depth charge 565
196 Two Browning .30-inch machine gun flex mounts 1,074
198 PIAT grenade launcher 1,413
203 Large double sided metal & glass display case 678
204 Searchlight Generator 226
205 510 Radio Set 396
208 Three wood and glass display cases (3) 85
209 Eight wood and glass display cases (8) 141
210 Ten wood and glass display cases (10) 367
216 Rare folding WW1 stretcher 226 Canvas with wooden carrying poles with turned handles and four metal stirrup feet.
217 Anti-Malaria Control Unit Pannier 226 Canvas covered wicker basket with red cross to exterior pull out tray within and paper label reading ‘Pannier – anti- Malaria Control Unit small’; and a similar Td. Dental Pannier’ both baskets empty. (2)
221 Large Glass Fronted Display Case with a display titled ‘Australian Produced Aircraft’. 339
222 Large Display Case showing photographs of tanks on maneuvers and other associated ephemera. 254
224 Portable searchlight 6,780
227 Six Large Display Boards showing photographs and diagrams of various tanks and weaponry. 294
231 Two military mobile telephone poles green painted metal; and a quantity of metal matting. (a lot) 57
234 Coin Operated Children’s Ride in the form of a fictitious military vehicle modern not operating. 396
236 Japanese Zero engine in poor condition 3,390 a/f.
239 Five U.S. Army WW2 helmets with inserts. 1,017
246 A Photographic Turntable 57 Circular metal with maker’s nameplate ‘Lithotex ‘pictorial’ Machinery Ltd London’ possibly used for drying photographic plates.
248 Collection of Tank and Vehicle Posters mounted on display boards. (a lot) NA
252 A Large Display Case and another smaller case. (2) 57
254 Collection of unassembled display cases (a lot) 113