Staghound Armoured Car

Location: RAAC Memorial & Army Tank Museum, Puckapunyal, VIC, Australia

Date: January 1996

This series of images was taken at the RAAC Memorial and Army Tank Museum at Puckapunyal, Vic.

This Memorial is located at the Australian Army’s armour training centre and commemorates the service of the Royal Australian Armoured Corps and its constituent units, some of whose histories stretch back to colonial times. As a result, “Pucka” has displays covering cavalry and horse mounted infantry, including the famous Australian Light Horse of First World War fame.

For the armour enthusiast, this Museum is one of the “must-sees”. The collection features examples of just about every vehicle and variant fielded by the Australian Army since its first tanks (UK Medium Mark II and Light Mark VI tanks) right up to the present. Also held are examples of vehicles trialled but never fielded such as Chaffee and Sherman vehicles. And of course purely Australian vehicles and modifications which you won’t find elsewhere.

More information about this vehicle and the whole collection at Pucka can be found on their website:

RAAC Memorial and Army Tank Museum