US F-117A Fighter Bomber

Kit build with enhancement by Jeff Thompson.

Text by Ron Puttee

There’s nothing like a change to maintain interest in your hobby, as long as it’s an enjoyable experience.

And Jeff Thompson is not faint of heart when it comes to tackling a variety of subjects.

But it’s not only his choices of subject which are surprising these days – his finished models are turning out to be something special too.

His passion in doing everything possible in getting it not only right, but offering a stunningly realistic model when completed shines through. Enjoying your research is, I feel, almost as enjoyable as making the model. Research, getting it right, making it look real are all enjoyable aspects of the hobby, all adding up to a thoroughly satisfying experience … well that’s what I keep telling my wife anyway!

Take a few moments to check out Jeff’s latest – a superb rendition of the Lockheed F117A. I personally enjoy the smaller, mostly overlooked aspects, like repairs to the delicate finish. Aircraft are constantly given minor repairs during service life, so as to ensure they reach the next major service / overhaul in a reasonably safe condition. However, these details must be restrained in miniature so as not to “overpower” the model’s overall impact.

The finer details in Jeff’s model demonstrate what only painstaking research can provide.

Text © Ron Puttee 2006. Images © Jeff Thompson, Adam O’Brien and Peter Hartup 2006