About Us


AMMS (Australian Military Modelling Society) is a society of modellers with a common interest in military subjects. AMMS has has two Society locations – Sydney and Brisbane.

+ www.ammssydney.com

+ www.ammsbrisbane.com

AMMS meetings are informal, with open conversations about what individuals are building, experience with new products or latest kit purchases.

AMMS Sydney covers the whole gamut of military modelling subjects including AFV soft skin military vehicles, planes, ships, figures, dioramas and vignettes but we welcome any scale modeller interested in learning about any subject and imparting or learning from our fellow modellers.

AMMS Brisbane have a narrower modelling field of AFV, military vehicles, dioramas, vignettes and figures.

We have a wide range of individuals experienced in

  • Painting
  • Weathering
  • Scratch building
  • Reference interest
  • Diecast, styrene, photoetch, aluminium, plastic kit building.
  • Figure and bust painting
  • Diorama building

There is always someone to lend a hand or some timely advice on a how to build and improve your techniques. There are also a number of members with previous real world experience within the military.

AMMS regularly have members involved with external modelling competitions with many obtaining high awards and recognition by modelling peers. AMMS members are regularly contributors to modelling magazine articles including also social media platforms like pinterest, facebook, landships, missing lynx and other forums.

Internally though we have regular club competitions for with models evaluated against a set of consistent criteria, and models are awarded gold, silver or bronze based on their scores, not against other models. Competing at any level is not a requirement of AMMS but rather a way to evaluate your improvements through involvement with other modellers and gaining experience.

To help cover the costs of hiring our meeting premises, we hold a “guessing competition” each meeting where kits are prizes. There is a small cost for each meeting and an annual membership, though this is offset at the Christmas Raffle Night where everyone gets a “present”.

As you might have gathered from this brief about AMMS’ we don’t take ourselves ¬†too seriously. AMMS is a collection of people united around a common love of scale military modelling, and a desire to improve our skills through sharing knowledge and experience. And the occasional piss-take, secret men’s business, plastic addicted box hoarders. No, really.

We hope to see you soon.