Centurion Mark 5/1 ARN 169017 (Vietnam Modifications) – Part 2

Location: Holsworthy Barracks, Holsworthy, NSW, Australia

Contributed by: Mark Tucker

Date: January 1998

This series of images was taken in 1998 at Holsworthy Army Base, Sydney Australia.

Centurion 169017 has an interesting history and is one of perhaps only two vehicles surviving with South Vietnam modifications in place. Subsequent to these images being taken, 169017 was relocated north to 1 Brigade in Darwin where it remains on duty as a gate guardian. Continue reading

Focke-Wulf Fw 190D-9 “Brown 4”

Fw 190 D-9 “Brown 4” W.Nr. 500647 of 7 Staffel, II./JG26 as it appeared at Hustedt, near Celle, April 1945.

Colour Profile by Claes Sundin

Photography by Mark L Tucker

B&W photographs courtesy of Eagle Editions

DML/Dragon “modified” Fw 190 D-12 1:48th Scale


This Fw 190D-9 “Brown 4” W.Nr.500647 of 7. Staffel, II./JG 26 was found by the Canadians at Hustedt airfield near Celle in mid-April 1945. It was one of 2 aircraft that had to be left behind when II. Gruppe JG26 abandoned the field on 10-11 April. Attempts by the Germans to destroy the aircraft were only partly successful.

What makes these photos special is that they provide further proof that there were Fw190D-9’s with the tail of the Ta152. Previously only one photo of such a D-9 was known, an aircraft of werknummer 500645. Continue reading