2016 December Meeting

I trust that everyone was happy with their stash of kits from the December Meeting Monster Raffle and the spiteful Santa organised by Al. Bowie. I  hope that you can find the time now to build them over the coming months and we see them on rhe Comp table.

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AMMS Members had another great year at interstate and local comps including Sydney Scale Model Show, Illawarra, Canberra, Brisbane and Melbourne shows. It really demonstrates the individual strengths of our memebers within AMMS. We finished the year with the Andy Reid Memorial Trophy a joint Sherman build competition with AMMS Brisbane. Andy was a long term member of Brisbane AMMS. David McKinley’s  Sherman build won the day in a secret ballat style selection of the competing shermans.

I hope that everyone has a Happy and Safe Christmas and New Year and we see you again on the second Friday of January 2017 for you to show what Santa bought for you.

From the “Committee” and myself all the best for the New Year ahead. Regards David McKinley – President..

Photo Booth Set-up

Just seen on the Hack a Day website – an interesting photo booth design by an actual modeller!

What’s interesting (to me at least) is the lighting from below the model. I’d have thought that might have introduced more problems, but by using a translucent sheet of perspex, you get a really nice effect.

Check out Doog’s website for some more pics using his setup, and for technique and general modelling articles.

Modelling on the Move

Our resident Iberian Expert (Ibericist??), Senor Ley Reynolds (Leo Reynaldo?) ponders the subject of modelling on the move, and comes up with some useful suggestions.

My current occupation leads me to be away from home about one week each month, added to which our holidays for the past few years have involved overseas flights of 12 to 24 hour duration. This adds up to a fair amount of time to be away from the workbench, so I always carry a project or two with me – but these must be carefully selected and size is important! Continue reading

Melbourne Tank Museum Auction

The Sale of a Lifetime

Since 1993, the Melbourne Tank Museum in Melbourne’s outer southeastern suburb of Narre Warren has had on public display a wide range of military vehicles and equipment from the earliest times to the present day. While the emphasis of the collection is overwhelmingly on Australian and Commonwealth subjects, a few “outsiders” have snuck in.

The owner of the museum, John Belfield, had been collecting and restoring vehicles and equipment for a long time before the Museum opened its doors to the public. A lifetime in fact. Continue reading