Australian Cruiser Mark 1 (AC1) – Sentinel

Location: Melbourne Tank Museum, Narre Warren North, VIC, Australia

Date: April 2006

This series of images was taken in April 2006 at the Melbourne Tank Museum Auction, Melbourne Australia. The lighting conditions weren’t the best, so let me apologise in advance. But the images are still useful reference. Continue reading

Melbourne Tank Museum Auction

The Sale of a Lifetime

Since 1993, the Melbourne Tank Museum in Melbourne’s outer southeastern suburb of Narre Warren has had on public display a wide range of military vehicles and equipment from the earliest times to the present day. While the emphasis of the collection is overwhelmingly on Australian and Commonwealth subjects, a few “outsiders” have snuck in.

The owner of the museum, John Belfield, had been collecting and restoring vehicles and equipment for a long time before the Museum opened its doors to the public. A lifetime in fact. Continue reading