Centurion Classroom Instructional Mountings (CIMs) Part 1

Location: Melbourne Tank Museum, Narre Warren North, VIC, Australia

Contributed by: Leife Hulbert & Peter Hartup

Date: April 2006

This series of images was taken in April 2006 at the Melbourne Tank Museum Auction, Melbourne Australia.

This auction is covered in our article Melbourne Tank Museum Auction – Sale of a Lifetime.

Classroom Instructional Mountings (CIMs), as the name implies, were used for training crews in various drills under close supervision in a classroom setting.

We’ve included these images as they give unobstructed views of internal equipmemt layout (although these should be used with caution as the layout was often simplified) as well as being of interest in their own right.

We’ll be posting more Centurion reference in our Reference Feature “Heaven Cent” over the next few weeks. Stay tuned!