They Call Me Ronnel!

Just Reminiscing?
– or Will Modelling Ever Be the Same Again?

Ron Puttee is our only foundation member still active in AMMS. They have a habit of running screaming into the night after meetings. That full moon’ll do it every time!

Ron is well-known both in Australia and overseas, and has helped a lot of modellers over the years. He is always generous with his time be it with advice or reference material. In many ways, a true mentor. His penchant for Western Desert themes has earned him the nickname of “Ronnel” (amongst others, but we wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings, unduly).

This is the first in a series of articles in which Ron will, in his somewhat unique (idiosyncratic?) style, share with us some of the many techniques he has learned (and learned from others) in over thirty years of modelling. In this article, Ron introduces himself and explains how he got into modelling in the first place.

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