AMMS Sydney Soviet KV Theme Build 2006 Final

We Made It! (Ahem, well, most of us did!)

As agreed, the June 2006 meeting was the deadline for finishing models for the our KV Theme Build 2006. While there remain a few stragglers (and yes, we know who we are) most of the intrepid band which set forth actually got to the end and turned in a finished model.

While it was noticeable that some amongst us could not quite shake off the temptation to “etch it up” a little, especially over the engine louvres, a major point which came out of this exercise was that it is indeed possible to add some after market goodies AND finish a model within six months!

So, congratulations to everyone who entered and finished. And for those who didn’t quite get there, it’s still possible to get it done for next month (and enter into the September Competition).

Another point to come out of the build was the universal praise for the Trumpeter KV series of kits. Easy to build, great level of moulded detail, and at an unbeatable price. What more could you ask for? If you haven’t tried one, do yourself a favour.

For before and after comparisons of the “naked” models, you might want to take a peek at our earlier page AMMS Sydney KV Theme Build. We set out to get the modelling juices flowing and we certainly appear to have done that!

Below (in no particular order order) we have pics of the models delivered at the June meeting. Many apologies to Dave Wills, who snuck a Tamiya KVII onto the table without me noticing and photographing it. You can see it in the background of the main photo above. Again, apologies to Dave.

Many thanks to Greg Neal for additional images of the entries.

Text © Peter Hartup 2006. Images © Peter Hartup and Greg Neal 2006

Ron Puttee

Jason Ricketts

Lindsay Sparkes

Mark Nolan

Peter Bleasdale

Garry Green

Greg Neal